SeaTac Airport to Vashon Island via public transport

Useful information, indeed. My mom is planning a trip to come visit me on the farm! Others are encouraged to do so as well!!! 😉

Here’s how to get from Seatac Airport to Vashon via bus in three easy steps:

1) After you pick up your bag(s), follow the signs in the airport to where the busses pick up. It is at the far end of the terminal past baggage claim #1.

2) You want to catch the route 560 bus heading to West Seattle from Bay 2. One leaves every half-hour on weekdays and it’s a 20-30 minute bus ride. Here’s the schedule to plan ahead: Scroll down to where the schedule reads “BELLEVUE to WEST SEATTLE via SEA-TAC” to find the right times. If anything, the busses run a bit late … but they always run sooner or later. While getting on the bus and paying your fare, tell the bus driver you want to get off at the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal. Most of the time they smile and say “sure, I’ll let you know” when you ask them this. Sometimes they grunt and barely nod their heads in acknowledgment. Sometimes the drivers announce the stops and sometimes not, so it’s at least good to ask them this just in case. (Maybe it will prod them to announce the stops if they wouldn’t otherwise.) Have $2.50 (exact change) ready for bus fare.

3) When you get to the ferry terminal, walk down to the terminal building and buy a ticket either from the self-service machines or from an attendant at the window (if on duty). Get on the ferry! Washington State Ferries schedule of sailing times.

If/when you know your exact flight time, you can plan your bus trip using this Metro Transit’s sorta excellent Trip Planner.

I can meet you at the Vashon ferry terminal if you want, as the bus on Vashon isn’t lined up very well with the Fauntleroy ferry. Sometimes it’s an hour between when the ferry docks at Vashon until the next bus. Pretty stupid! I’m not sure what the deal with that is. Here’s a link that will take you to the trip planner to get all the way from the airport to just a corner away (less than a mile) from the farm!

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