photo decisions

So … I’ve been using flickr for years. I like it a LOT.

But …

A flickr pro account ($25 a year!) is not exactly cheap on a farmers salary.

I’m thinking about letting my flickr account go back to the free version in August when it is set to expire. (Which, I don’t quite know what that will mean yet for the photos and sets, collections and such on my flickr account.) I’m looking at just doing all my photos via my web site, since I already pay a yearly hosting fee for tons of web space.

I also, years ago, sort of invested in a product called SlideShowPro. It’s based on flash, is easy to use and I also have the SlideShowPro Director running on my web server. So I already have another photo presentation mode.

The only slight issue I have, is presenting photos this way isn’t as fun as flickr! No commenting, group sharing, I don’t get to easily peek at all my friends photos since I won’t be on the flickr site much, titles and descriptions aren’t as prevalent (which, maybe most people won’t care about that anyway …), the notes feature on the photos is pretty cool, etc., etc., etc… I also think it’s very cool to be able to tag photos and also view others photos tagged with the same words.

Anyhow, I guess some feedback would be cool, on what people think about my photos page as opposed to using flickr.

3 thoughts on “photo decisions”

  1. Steve,

    Poke around my flickr account. It’s the free account. I can only have x number of photos displayed at any one time. I think it’s 250. So, my 250 most recent images are available to the public. My other images are archived and should I go “pro” the hidden images will reappear. Another limitation is that I can only have a few photosets at once.

    I suspect that all of your images and photosets will remain if you go free. You should contact flickr and confirm that the photosets stick. Your tags are likely to remain.

    So, I would recommend that you build your own photo imaging on your server, set flickr to free, and then see if you miss the flickr pro enough to subscribe to it.

    Another option is to do some collaborations with an uber developer who can build you a flickr like photo site on your server.


  2. I’d miss you on flickr. I check your site frequently, but not as frequently as flickr.

  3. Well, I think maybe I’d still upload to flickr, I just wouldn’t be organizing anything into sets or collections. Just a photostream!

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