Has spring sprung?

It feels like it here in Amesville! The weather has been so nice lately. I’m really looking forward to getting out and enjoying the sun on my bike, at the tennis court, disc golf course, hiking, camping and installing solar electric systems!

I’ve been chomping at the bit to get busy and work with my new employer: Athens Electric. We’ve got a fair amount of work lined up with more about to enter the pipeline. We completed one job here in Amesville in February and are looking forward to getting on with more upcoming projects.

sunny day array

Next week I’m taking an Entry Level Photovoltaic (Solar) System Installation Training course at Washington State Community College. (Yes, it is odd to me that I left Washington State last year, but yet I’m going to attend a “Washington State” institution here in OHIO … I believe it is only called so because it is in Washington county. Go figure …) In my spare time recently I’ve been going through the books for the course – Solar Energy International’s Photovoltaics: Design and Installation Manual and the NFPA: 2008 National Electrical Code. The course should be great, and ought to catapult my solar career and greatly enhance my on the job mojo. On the 31st Drake and I are starting a new job near Dayton. I’m sure I’ll be posting back on how that goes!

MAWE "cave" hikeOther than work, I’ve been trying to enjoy my time off. I’ve been hanging out with my new friend Anna a bit. I hope to do a lot of outdoor activities with her as the weather improves. This Sunday, March 21 is the spring Farm Day here at Green Edge. We’re having a potluck at the Grange and giving farm tours from 1-4pm. I’ve been doing some hiking with a local group called Multigenerational Appalachian Woodland Explorer. We’ve mainly been exploring various members properties, as they have some very interesting geologic features and such. I spent St. Patty’s at Jackie O’s in Athens, mainly to hear my friend John play, but also to meet up with friends.

Making cider has been a fun project for me and I’m keeping it going. I have a 1-gallon batch that is close to being done fermenting, and I just started a 5-gallon batch in the past week. Between the two I should have a fair bit more cider to enjoy and share. I might start another 5-gallon batch in a couple weeks, depending how available locally pressed cider will be. One of the things I like about the fermenting process is watching it happen … seeing the activity in the cider, watching the millions of bubbles rise to the top and the gas escape through the air lock. My blackberry has a video camera built in, so I captured some of the action. Check it out!

Anyway, that’s about it. I thought it was about time to update the old blog. I’m really anxious to get working though, and earning money … not that I need or want a lot of it, but not having any income can be frustrating.

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