It’s September already?

Wow. This summer has been amazing and it has flown by so fast.

The main thing I have to say is I am in an amazing relationship with Julia. Unless you are on facebook (and most people I know are) you will already know this … We started dating in mid-May after knowing each other since I moved to Ohio (Sept. 2009) and started working at Green Edge Gardens. She still works at Green Edge. It was most definitely because of our meeting and working together there that I fell in love with her. I mean, I’ve been hoping to meet a really cool farm girl for a while now. I was almost starting to think it just wasn’t going to happen, until I met Julia. Simply great. She is such an incredible, beautiful awesome person. I could not be happier. It’s a really great story we have and I’ll share it with you the next time I see you.

Julia and Steve with escaping chicken

We even have Chickens! It’s funny that I haven’t even updated my blog with that big news. Getting chickens was partially to do with me moving to “the Far” – a “community” of sorts here in Amesville. It’s a 230 acre farm. I live in a big old farm house right on the main fields, renting a room with a few other folks for pretty cheap. I remember the first time I saw the fields idling in grass. I thought. I need to do something with this space. Chickens!

It’s nice and quiet and an almost ideal living situation (aside from having roommates – it would be nice to have our own place). Julia is living out at the Far now as well. It’s barely even 10 minutes from Green Edge. The picture above is Julia and I posing for a self-timed pic in front of the newly commissioned chicken coop. Julia is holding a very impatient chicken we call “runtin” who was in the process of flying away as the photo was being taken. It was quite humorous and we had a great laugh!

We have 27 chickens now. 24 or 25 of them are an assortment of brown-egg laying hens. Two of them are Brahma males to be roosters. We have one guinea / chicken thing that we inherited from a friend. We’re not exactly sure what it is yet … it’s looks like a guinea, but not really. It really doesn’t look or act like a chicken, either. I built a great little coop for them. There are some coop pictures up on flickr, and I need to upload some more chicken photos too …

Aside from spending a lot of great time with Julia, and tending the chickens, I have been working when I can. I’ve mostly let web design and graphic design fade away. I’m much more interested in installing solar photovoltaic systems and learning the electrical trade. I’m with Athens Electric, like I mentioned in my last post. We just finished up our busiest two weeks yet this year. Just this morning we finished up a 4.9 kW system here in Athens, not far from where Iive.

Solar Array

I am really loving this work. I just wish I had more of it at the moment! Hopefully that will change soon. It’s been a ton of fun so far.

Gosh, I’m sure there are other things I could write. Some I can’t write and I’ll have to tell you in person … but overall things are swell. I’ve got to change into some grubby clothes to go help swap out some batteries at an off-grid cabin…