It’s been a long time

And it may be a long time before the next post as well … but that’s just how life is right now.

It has been well over six months since I’ve posted anything. Mainly because life changed drastically after our trip out west. It was an amazing trip well worth its own post or better yet a conversation over a drink some time. What came out of the trip, anyway, was the decision to move back to the Middletown, Ohio area. This was mostly prompted because Julia and I are expecting a baby girl! Any day now, in fact.

Besides all the preparation and anticipation for the baby – we’ve been working for Julia’s dad, Dan, at Edison Saw Shop. It’s been great. I’ve learned a lot and have achieved both Briggs & Stratton Master Service Technician and Stihl Advocate in my short time at the shop. I never thought I would be a mechanic, but it is really a pretty good gig. It is really great working for Dan, and great being so close to her family. It will be nice sharing the joy of our baby and with all of them as well.

We’re living outside of a small town called Camden, Ohio. Also a somewhat unlikely place … but we’re pretty happy to have ended up here. The house we live in is on a 180 acre farm that raises sheep, cows and chickens and lots of hay to feed those animals. We have our small flock of chickens in our little section of the farm. And, a great little garden we’ll be doubling in size this year. We’re just south of Eaton and not far away from Oxford.

Our House

And, if you are really out of touch – Julia and I got married April 11, 2011!

That’s it for now and possibly for a few months … as I’m sure I’ve said before – check me on Facebook. I spend more time there!