Moving on to Ohio

So, I’ve accepted the job at Green Edge Gardens in Ohio and as I write this I’m in Minneapolis, MN on my way moving to Amesville, Ohio.

moving rig

It wasn’t a really tough decision. Green Edge emailed me. I read it, said “holy crap” and told Robert they offered me the job. Then I wrote back and accepted it pretty much right away.

This was after wishing for a few minutes that I wish I had more time back in Seattle before making such a big decision. But, I had made up my mind already. It’s too good of an opportunity to pass up.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was having to leave so quickly. I was offered the job on 8/14 and I had previously agreed to be there by 8/31 if I got the job … and the two weekends between the 14th and the 31st were already spoken for. I didn’t get to say goodbye in person to several people who are important to me – Kevin, Nazma, Geoff, Carol and Mario to name a few! These are people I spoke to almost every week if not every week. I feel bad I’ve left them behind. I had to do what I had to do, though, and it is certainly not like I will never, ever see them again!

Needless to say, my life has been fun and interesting over the last few months and downright crazy for the last few weeks. I am really looking forward to getting settled at the farm and for all the craziness to die down!

My last days in Seattle were a blast, even though I didn’t get to see some folks. Mainly, because I was in Robert and Amy’s wedding!


I was honored to be a groomsman, but I don’t have any pictures of me in a tux … though I have a feeling there will be some. The wedding was good, no one fainted or tripped. However, there was one slight slip up by the wedding party during the complicated catholic service … but the wedding coordinator finally gave us the tip to get back up to the alter and in place! The reception was fine. Not crazy at all, not to late.

I did have a moment when I got back to Robert’s place with his tux. After I got my tux off and ready to be returned back in it’s bag, I had a few moments to myself. I broke down a bit and even shed a few tears. I was leaving this place and these people. It didn’t really hit me until then – until after the wedding, after taking off the tux, when thinking about where I was going that night and what I was doing in the next few days. It’s hard to believe this was not even a week ago! A week ago tomorrow, yes, but it’s hard to believe it just happened and I’m already so far away. I was struck saddened for a moment knowing I will be in a different place in a week, and that Robert and Amy are truly my best friends in Seattle! I guess that kind of thing happens after an emotional wedding afternoon. I’m really happy for Robert and Amy!

And, I’m looking forward to Ohio! I have no idea what my online status will be at the farm. I’m sure I’ll be posting something again in the next few weeks with details.