our proposed tough smoking ban


I came across this article in the recently discovered Gothamist. (Found through companion site Seattlest.)

I wonder if our soon to be voted on Washington smoking ban is taking cues from New York: Poll Says People Want A Tougher Ban.

My pen waffled a bit in voting for our ban. The 25 ft language seems a little extreme. It was impossible for me not to vote for the ban, though, as I can’t stand cigarette smoke. I, personally, would like to see smoking completely gone. I wouldn’t miss it, though a small minority of Washingtonians would. I totally understand the 25 ft thing, just the smell is very permeating. Is it an inconvenience? No, an annoyance is more like it.

The Stranger made a good point about law enforcement using the rule to pick on certainly establishments more than others. That would definitely not be a good thing. I wonder, though, that the police would enforce it more at “nice” places and not care so much at the more questionable clubs which was the point The Stranger was making. Who knows.

I think smokers are entitled to their opinions too, but I can’t stand the argument that a smoking ban infringes on their rights. I think its a ridiculous argument to make. They have no control over their second hand smoke, they are affecting non-smokers health by smoking in public. What about the majority of the population, who don’t smoke, what about their rights? Do we have the right not to be exposed to cancer-causing smoke? I think so. If you want to smoke, why not do it in the comfort of your own home? Where it won’t affect anyone else? So, I don’t have the same opinion of Garth from the Gothamist.

But anyway. It will be interesting to see if it passes here or not.