Oil and lying

What is it? What don’t I get?

Why is it that the war in Iraq is always being reported as the “war on terrorism” rather than what it really is? The war for oil? I mean, can anyone really dispute that? Isn’t it completely and totally obvious by now? As if it wasn’t from the start?

WMDs was false – none there. The imminent threat of Saddam Hussein was false – many other regimes post a much greater threat to the U.S. and others. The spread of democracy to the middle east? Sounds great, but then why are we sending billions of dollars 20 or more dictatorial governments in the middle east to buy weapons? This is all old news, and they’re still reporting the same old thing!

Bush invaded Iraq AND Afghanistan for OIL.


Nothing else.

Depressing. I went to see this movie: “The Oil Factor”. Very good. Very moving. Before the screened “The Oil Factor” they also showed about 1/2 of the movie “Hidden Wars of Desert Storm” that was made before this one, about the first gulf war.

I knew the basics of what they covered in both movies, but they presented far more than I knew. They even have an interview with the executive director of the PNAC, in all his ridiculous glory. The movie goes beyond Iraq to mostly forgotten Afghanistan to simply explain the obvious strategy behind these invasions and occupations. It is so obvious. Just a minimum amount of research will prove it. (If anyone doubts it …)

I’m just waiting for the day that it all falls apart.

To me, all the blatant lying signals the end is mounting. The Bush administration is lying. Corporations are lying. Reporters are lying. The new media is fooling themselves. The general public isn’t paying much attention. Fucking holy jeez! ha ha! What’s so hard about being honest?