the laziness

I’ve been lazy with the blog. I’ve been on my computer, just not blogging! No excuse to give, really. It’s not that stuff hasn’t been happening, I just haven’t had occasion to write about it, I guess.

I still haven’t checked out the places I wrote about a couple weeks ago. It’s mainly because driving here is a pain in the ass. You have to drive EVERYWHERE. Nothing is close. And public transportation? pah! yeah … People here would look at you funny if you were to ask. It does not exist. I went to the bank yesterday to close my oldest bank account (which I don’t use after I paid off my truck loan) – it took me 40 minutes to get there – and that’s without traffic. The grocery store is 20 minutes.

Living in Florida is where I developed, what I think was, my skewed ideas about driving. I used to think nothing about driving 40 minutes to work. Now, I think driving more than 5-10 minutes is way to much. I don’t think this is idealistic, I think it’s reasonable. A complicated debate, for sure. The choices people make in the name of cost and expense vs. sacrificing time.

Enough of that …

patriotic maizeOne place we drove to for fun recently was the Zellwood Corn Maze. We had been planning to go out in my mom’s boat on Lake Harris, but they’re having a bit of a cold snap here. Lows in the 40s, and brrr … highs in the low-70s. I keep telling mom and Gary it’s like summer in Seattle! The maze was interesting. Aside from it being in a sea of corn, which we navigate everyday in the food choices we have, every year they have “themes.” This year was “American Heroes” and the maze itself was cut in the shape of a cowboy on a horse. An odd combination, I thought. I guess it was easier to cut a cowboy into a field of corn than a soldier defending himself or a firefighter doing their thing. My criticisms aside, I think Tyler had a good time. I know I did. We didn’t get to finish though, something that left me a bit disappointed. The maze is quite huge and we would have been there for hours. Tyler just couldn’t take it. Four year-old attention spans don’t quite make it. It was also “Girl Scout Day” and the maze was packed with troops and parents. You don’t quite get the feeling of being lost in a maze with so many folks around.

I’ve also started to take more photos. It’s mainly spurred by an idea by Stevie-G to do a daily photograph to share with the world. Steve has roped Louis, Susan, Annette and I willingly into this idea. We’ve started a flickr group to share our one-a-days with each other. This is one of the things I’ve been busy with instead of posting to my blog. I was very diligent about it for the first week or so. Now, the last few days I’ve been lazy with that too and haven’t posted/taken a daily photo. I’d like to incorporate it into my blog if I ever get time. It shouldn’t been hard at all to bring in the daily photo to display in the sidebar or something. I need to find the right balance, as taking photos everyday and hopefully posting one for everday, if not posting one everyday, is something I want to do when I’m traveling.

Speaking of traveling, I have less than a month left before I leave and the planning has really cranked up. I’m getting sooooo excited! I cannot wait to leave. I have another story to tell about my friend James, though. (James is traveling with me for the first three weeks.) That one is still developing though. He is totally insane.

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